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Residential Driveways

Did you have a dark black asphalt driveway at one time? Has your asphalt lost that rich black color and now looks dull and gray? Over time, your driveway fades and cracks with constant use and abuse. ​
Renew the look of your driveway with a sealcoat application from your experts at Louisville Sealcoat. We specialize in complete sealcoat protection and renewal systems for your asphalt driveway. The smooth, even surface of sealed pavement makes sweeping, snow removal and maintenance easier and less expensive.
Sealing prevents water seepage into the porous asphalt, stopping damage caused by rain, sleet, snow, frost, freezing and thawing temperatures. Crackfilling (or crack sealing) will repair any cracks before you sealcoat. Sealcoating will beautify your property, as well as, provide it with the benefits of protection and restoration.
The best advice for every asphalt driveway owner is to establish an asphalt maintenance program.  We will recommend how often you need to reapply sealer and also assess  what kinds of repairs are needed. 
Sealcoat services are necessary to maintain the flexible protective barrier.  Other repairs will  protect water from getting under the driveways and causing more extensive damage. Louisville Sealcoat has a trained and experience crew to protect your investment and do the job right.

Don't wait to improve your driveway.
Tell us about your project today.

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